Version: 1.1 , Date: 03/29/2002

About: htmlProjectMaker is a 'quick' way to make a HTML page for a project. Create a project file and run this python script.

Requirments: None

Limiations: None

Known Bugs: None known

Author(s): Jason Erickson


SourceBinariesLicense None Freeware


htmlProjectMaker is a python script that parses a 'project' file and writes
a web page based upon the contents.

To Run, type: 

projmaker will recurse through the directory tree, looking for either a
file named 'project', or a .zip file that has a file named 'project' inside
of it.  If one of those is found, it will parse the file and create a
index.html file in that directory.

There are two files included: - the main program  - the parser for the project file

To see a sample format of the file, check out the 'project' file included
in the archive.


03/28/2002 - 1.1 - Added ability to read 'project' files from zip files.
03/28/2002 - 1.0 - First Release